If you have been looking for influential social media bloggers to follow, then you are in the right place.

      Although there are many social media bloggers out there, they are not created equal, and each will have their own style and purpose which you need to match to your own for the information that best suites your needs.

      Look for regularity in posts (but of course not too much) and for the quality and relevance of the content for you.

      Reader involvement is also important, as it shows that the blogger cares about what their followers think and is ready to engage.

      Buffer Social Blog

      Buffer Social is one of the blogs that is ranked top of its class due to the fact the blog regularly interacts with marketers answering their questions.

      The articles are in depth so you are able to take away information that is relevant to you, and topics that are cutting edge are frequently featured.

      Visit the blog by clicking here.

      Jenn’s Trends

      If you use Instagram then you may want more information on how your account can be more successful and how to utilize the functions.

      Jenn’s Trends also offers the occasional tip on tactics as well as strategies for marketing.

      If you are a marketer either currently using or hoping to use Instagram, then Jenn’s Trends is a must have in your follow list.

      Visit the blog by clicking here.

      Peg Fitzpatrick

      When marketing the chances are you will be utilizing more than one social network platform which means you want advice on them all.

      Peg Fitzpatrick combines information on the main platforms giving marketers information and tips they need to be successful.

      Visit the blog by clicking here.

      Razor Social

      Tools used in social media can often be a minefield especially for those just starting out.

      The Razor Social blog is well researched and informative giving you information on the tools you should be using and how to use them correctly.

      Visit the blog by clicking here.

      Rebekah Radice

      Topics that marketers using social media want to talk about tend to be similar and those that are not covered can be requested.

      Rebekah Radice regularly posts supportive content to help readers understand how to use social media to benefit them.

      Visit the blog by clicking here.

      Simply Measured

      In order to understand marketing practices it is important to see how it all works.

      Simply Measured uses data in order to give a better understanding to their followers showing them which practices are best to use, with their informative blog connecting the dots.

      Visit the blog by clicking .

      Socially Sorted

      If you are interested in visual content then Socially Sorted is the blog to follow.

      It will teach you everything you need to know about it and the content is consistent so you can keep up with the latest trends and changes to the networks you use.

      Visit the blog by clicking here.

      Sprout Social

      As a marketer you will be likely to need advice when it comes to publishing.

      The blogs that Sprout Social post are full of advice and insights using the experiences of their team as a guide to what works and what doesn’t.

      Visit the blog by clicking here.

      When you don’t know where to start, knowing who to follow is a great way to improve your knowledge and ultimately the success of your own social media marketing ventures.