Have you recently found that your Facebook page is hardly getting any attention?

      Whether you’re a small business owner, or an author selling your products through Facebook, here are some proven tips on how to invigorate your page.

      1. Keep updating

      Updating your Facebook page with relevant information, interesting videos and competitions for freebies will ensure your posts are shown on people’s feeds.

      As people like or comment on your page, their friends will start to see your posts too and you will quickly increase your traffic.

      2. Allow Facebook users to post content

      This is an obvious one: If people comment on your posts and page, their friends will be able to view what you are all about.

      If this is not enabled, get into the settings sections and tick the box that allows Facebook users to post content to your page.

      Do note, however, that if you allow users to post content to your page, you’ll also want to establish some sort of response and moderating plan.

      3. Target, target, target!

      If you are a car dealer in Boston, make sure you target people and companies that might want to link up with you in that city and its surroundings.

      There really would be no point in letting people in France know about your best cars.

      If you have a marketing fund, use this to boost posts.

      Facebook allows you to target the boost to an area, age, and more, so make sure you use this function to your advantage.

      4. Add interesting content

      This could be videos, how-to-do clips, photos or testimonials.

      Everything should be of good quality and engaging so a page visitor will want to view the content, and dive in deeper.

      Add a little bit of everything if it is relevant, and always make sure your contact information is available.

      For a shop, people obviously need to know the address, telephone number and e-mail, but for someone like a journalist, an email would be sufficient.

      5. Use relevant keywords

      Make sure that your page has keywords that are relevant to your content, services or business.

      When people search they are more likely to find and stay on your page if the keywords are spot-on.

      6. Check your competitors

      Time for a bit of market research.

      Check your competition. What are they doing well?

      See what posts get a lot of likes; and are they videos or pictures? Would it help you to add some blog posts, or links to other relevant businesses?

      Try out what works for your competitors and assess if it is useful for you too.

      7. Quality is key

      Whether it’s a clip or a testimonial, make sure your content is of good quality.

      People are more likely to like and share something they are impressed by.

      A wonky, blurry picture just won’t make the cut.

      8. Promote your page on other social media

      If you are a social media star, this will give you amazing reach (and you probably already knew this).

      Also, ask your best people to share your page or posts, and create fun, competition posts for free items and products – a great way to incite people to share your page!