Colfax has a rich history dating back to the original gold rush in 1849.

      Stories from the old railroad town include a rich quartz ledge, and of the first stagecoach robbery in the golden country – but Colfax is also looking forward towards the future.

      There’s great potential lying above the fog and below the snow.

      With the world around us turning more digital by the day it is becoming increasingly important to have an online presence in the business world, but what advantages do you truly get from social media?

      Below we’ve tried to give a brief outline for what we consider to be five ways social media can benefit your company.


      Social media provides an extra public face for a business, which is projected to everyone who has access to the internet.

      This is particularly useful in reducing the advantage that large businesses currently hold over smaller business as social media, unlike more traditional marketing forms, is a level playing field for all users irrespective of their size or financial muscle.

      By allowing people greater access to your company through an online image, you can create positive exposure which will greatly increase the number of consumers who will find you and can generate many new leads for your business, locally, country-wide or globally through the online world.


      Social media offers the ultimate tool for connecting directly to your customers and target market alike, as it creates a live situation and allows for communication in both directions.

      Regular communication with customers through this platform allows you the opportunity to

      share thoughts, ideas and relevant business information that will build brand loyalty by means of a personal touch, delivered in the technological world to a global community in a way that we haven’t been able to do before.


      By communicating to a larger audience and receiving feedback it allows you to analyse your current brand image, and make any necessary changes that will improve how you are perceived.

      By knowing where you are gives you the chance to choose the direction you wish to go more clearly, as you can improve the business by building and reinforcing what you already have through strengthening your brand awareness and reputation.


      Events and promotions can boost not only your sales, but also the number of people that become aware of who you are and what you do through the widespread advertising that social media offers.

      It is also much easier to target customers with “exclusive” offers, invitations and promotions that create excitement and build further brand awareness using this route of marketing.


      Finally, social media is much cheaper than any other form of marketing.

      It is a much cheaper option than perhaps you already realize, and is proven to be successful at creating increased sales though customer interaction.

      With many more companies utilizing social media within their business strategy every day, now is the time to sign up and watch as your business grows from strength to strength.

      We’re here to help your businesses thrive in Colfax, by using the latest in social media best practices.