About Christian Hollingsworth

      You’re such a smart boy!” were his first accolades heard. So, it’s no wonder this phrase became the title of his business, Smart Boy Designs.

      Christian Andrew Hollingsworth is no stranger to entrepreneurial businesses; however, he has moved on from neighborhood lemonade and mistletoe stands to conquer the digital world.

      He was 9 when he first started teaching himself how to code websites. At the age of 15, Christian became serious about one of his many passions – raising his fleet of sled dogs. In order to keep his dogs trained, healthy and well fed, he needed a surplus of money and supplies. He quickly taught himself how to reach people through digital marketing. Eventually he built the second largest dog sledding community in the world online, where he also managed a successful dog supplement store.

      But sled dogs were only the beginning for this young entrepreneur.

      Christian has phenomenal drive and determination.

      He completed his high school courses in two years, compared to the traditional four, as well as becoming the Camptonville Academy Valedictorian.

      During this youthful time, Christian was presented with several awards: Eagle Scout Inductee, Duty to God Award in the Latter-Day Saint church, On My Honor Award in Scouting, Spirit of Ishi Award of Outstanding Leadership, California Young Author’s Award, and the Kiwanis Award of Leadership.

      He is a Digital Marketing Consultant for well-known brands around the globe.

      Christian and his company Smart Boy Enterprises work with businesses to use digital media to increase their visibility and product sales.

      Christian’s skills and expertise in social media, affiliate marketing, website flipping, search engine marketing & optimization, web development, traffic generation, and the large community of blogging has served him and others well.

      Recently, Christian has been awarded many honors.

      • Sponsored Tweets Web Celeb List
      • 2011 Small Business Influencers Nominee & Honorable Mention
      • 2012 Small Business Influencers Nominee
      • Most Likeable Marketing Thought Leader Finalist
      • Top 50 Marketing Bloggers by Kred
      • 2012 Community Choice Winner
      • #1 Twitter Elite in Sacramento
      • Kred Top 1% Elite
      • Top 100 Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter

      As if the digital world is not enough, Christian is a classically trained vocalist.

      He is presently working with music and television producers throughout the country in developing his music career further.

      Recently Christian was also misdiagnosed medically for two years, and is now fighting a long-term battle with Lyme disease. He hopes to eventually find ways to share a positive story and message with those going through the same health difficulties.

      There is no stopping this ambitious young man.