Plus Life TV. That’s right, you read it correctly and I’ll say it again, Plus Life TV! A show about plus size women who are healthy and active, who embrace the bodies they have right now this very moment, and are unapologetically fierce! Creator Chrystal Bougon brought me in on this very special project; she is the owner and operator of Curvy Girl Lingerie and is a body positive warrior & feisty feminist with a no fucks-given attitude who inspires many with her thought provoking articles and in your face style! This show truly was an honor to film for me, especially because the show is all about tackling body shaming of women and men of all sizes. Now when I say body shaming let me break it down further and why this issue is such an important one!

Body shaming isn’t just about beauty and what society deems beautiful. When, as a society, we limit what is and isn’t allowed to be associated with beauty we also limit WHO is allowed to feel Confident, Sexy, Empowered, Successful, and Proud. We are teaching these horrible limitations to the younger generations and it’s time we stop and think about the horrendous effects this type of behavior is creating. From women too afraid to go to the gym for fear of ridicule. To men who hate shopping because the selection of plus size fashion is so limiting that shopping for clothes becomes a story of mockery, hurrying and rushing as they attempt to find anything that will fit just so they can get out of the store and end their moment of shame. Even to our thinner women and men who are now being demonized and told to eat more! The body ridicule is never ending and don’t even get me started on the internet trolls! Projecting their own insecurities on others just because a fat woman loves her body and makes them uncomfortable, feigning concern over others health in back-handed “compliments” when they are NOT physicians or have ever gazed at a medical record other than their own, and let’s not forget the downright vile and cruel shamers who are just trolling bo-po pages for the chance to insult others!

Well, guess what Loves? We address these issues and more, all while continuing to do our own thing! These women are truly incredible, inspiring, and bold. It’s time the media started representing the 95% of men and women who are not the so-called “Hollywood” level of beauty. Tall, thin, petite, or curvy-we each possess a uniqueness that is all our own so why shouldn’t we show the world! Inspire others to see the greatness we possess. I can’t tell you how often I receive messages from men and women inspired to try something new, begin a new fitness journey, or simply stepping out of their norm and trying a piece of daring wardrobe that they never would have considered until they saw “someone like them” rocking it!! Be that voice for change, be that person who inspires someone else to step past the sterotype do’s and don’ts for their body shape and try something bold and new! And lastly, be that person to show support and respect to your fellow man and woman!

Keep an eye on my social media pages as I will be documenting the filming process, sharing the fellow beauties who are a part of the project, and letting you know when the show will be airing and what channel you can catch us on 😉

And on a special ending note, I just want to thank all of you for joining me on this journey and for your support, it truly means the world to this little lady!!

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