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Kat Stroud is a true eclectic and old soul who happens to live an interesting life of wonder…as does any woman with a husband, mother, a collection of fur babies, an active member of local charity groups, a speaker for the ending of body shaming, and a model would live. When this socialite isn’t working the runway or glitzing up a charity event she is found relaxing in her office typing away at her laptop where her characters dish the latest on their lives.

Currently working on her series, the second novel in The Guardians of Worlds.

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Fun Facts About Kat

Kat’s first official piece of work was published in a poetry anthology when she was just a teen.

Body positive and proud of her curves, Kat has been published over twenty times in various publications around the world and has modeled for several different clothing brands.

A believer in giving back to her community Kat is actively involved every month with local charity groups in her area.

Kat has over 11 tattoos and has no plans of stopping there.

Even though Kat has done runway work she is only 5’1, pint-sized petite indeed!

Photo by House Of Winter

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Photo by House Of Winter

Photo by Mitzi and Co.

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