huffpostI love your Article! Just read it in Zurich! You’re a great person! Go on J-Evelyn

Thank you! I can’t say thank you enough. You have no idea how much this article means to me. I am in a developing relationship right now, and these nearly exact negative thoughts were running through my head. Your article bought me to tears. But good tears. So I am grateful to you, you have given me hope. We need more kick ass women like you! *hugs*-Catherine

Hey, I’m not a curvy girl, exact opposite, the flat chested build who’s always had the “why is he with that chick with no tits?” or “He’s too hot for her LOL” comments when with boyfriends in the past – I know it’s not the same, but thanks mate, reading your article really helped me realise, I need to stop seeing myself through haters eyes, the self talk you described, the doubt etc is me to a T xxx  thanks again, and I’m so glad my bodacious curvy friends and women everywhere are finally feeling as beautiful as other bodies – because they always were  Lets hope the new body positive movements help the next gen bypass this body hating and shaming rot!-Trish

Read the Bustle article, My Husband Didn’t Settle For A Fat Wife, by clicking here.

You guys… Wow. When I first set out to write this article I never could have guessed or possibly imagine the large response from the community that followed. First I want to give a huge thank you to my editor Marie over at Bustle for helping me bring this baby to life! With her guidance I hope this is the first article of many!

Now that I have said that, I have to also take note of YOU GUYS! Oh My Goodness – you all are freaking amazing! The only reason this article became so popular and made its way to Huffing Post is because you all shared, commented, and liked! And you guys properly shut down the trolls hating on the article expertly! Then came that incredible moment where I happened upon comments from you Loves posting pictures with your respective partners – it brought tears to my eyes. Literal tears. The outpouring of Love you all shared truly shamed the haters so much so that 90% of the comments left had been POSITIVE!

Know what this tells me? You all are making a difference. Now let me first say – yes there was hate. Yes there had been trolls making health comments as if they were doctors and blah blah blah. BUT there was so much love and support for not only the article but for one another that you guys made the article trend as well reach international exposure! You guys made that happen! And I truly wanted to thank you!

So what’s next? Well, I’d like to leave that up to you! I noticed a majority of the comments that had been left where from women seeking the confidence I have achieved. So my question to you Loves: Would you like my next article to be about how I gained said confidence?

Or how I overcome the negative self-doubt we all experience?

Or would you like an article featuring myself and several other body positive babes offering our own tips on how we maintain our confidence?

Leave your comments below and let me know what you’d like to see next!