Full Name: Arawn
Nickname: none
God of war
Hair: Wavy black, shaggy
Eye color: crystal clear green
Partner: none
Kin: none

A God in a class all of his own; a warrior who emerged from the primal source of the universe to defeat a great titan of war only to absorb that titans power and raw essence.


Full Name: Bres
Nickname/Aka: Bress
God of fertility and agriculture
Hair: platinum blonde, short
Eye Color: stormy blue
Partner: Husband of the goddess Brigantia
Kin: Son of fomorian prince Elatha and goddess Eriu, Father to Ruadan, Odran, Quaid and Keiana.

Half fomorii/demonkyn and half Tuatha De Danann, this handsome yet oppressive tyrant married Brigantia and ruled for some time, until his tyranny brought him down. In return for his life, Bres taught the people agriculture making the land fertile. Imprisoned he now resides chained in Brigantia’s fortress waiting for the moment to strike back.


Full Name:
Nickname/Aka: Brigit, Brighid, Brigid
Goddess of water, war, healing, prosperity, and fertility.
Hair: strawberry blonde, long
Eye Color: green/grey
Partner: Wife to the god Bres
Kin: Daughter of the Dagdha, wife to Bres, mother to Ruadan, Odran, Quaid and Keiana.

“High One”, “Queen”, and “Goddess”. Associated with water, war, healing, prosperity, and fertility. Widely revered by all. The goddess married Bres and bore him three sons and a daughter. Patron goddess to the were’s and vampires, mediator and conduit Birgantia helps hold the energies of the universe in balance.


Full Name: Keiana Dana
Nickname: Kia
The Lost Power Goddess Keiana
Hair: fiery red long
Eye Color: electric green
Partner: Gabriel
Kin: Daughter of the goddess Brigantia and god Bres, sister to Ruadan, Odran, and Quaid.

Born of the gods and raised as a slave. Having served the demonkyn for the majority of her life Kia is well versed in the dark world that threatens to tip the scales of the universe in their own favor. With a newly found sense of self this young goddess in training is trying to wrap her mind around the new love that has entered her life, the family and friends supporting her, and the growing urge of dread that seems to fill her heart.


Full Name: Angus Tuathalain
Nickname: none
Sovereign of the North American were-packs
Hair: red with grey highlights, short and shaggy
Eye Color: grayish/blue
Partner: none
Kin: none

Reserved and secretive, Angus keeps his personal information private and devotes himself to the packs he calls family. As Sovereign of the North American packs his duties keep him constantly on the move and as one of Brigantia’s enforcers his personal entanglements are few and far between.


Full Name: Gabriel Lykos
Nickname: Gabe
Alpha of the California werewolf pack
Hair: dirty blonde long shaggy
Eye Color: cool blue
Partner: Kia
Kin: Jade, Jinx, and his pack

With his nightclub/restaurant, HOWL, buried deep in the heart of the entertainment industry Gabriel was no stranger to rubbing elbows with the rich and famous socialites of Hollywood. As the Alpha of the California werewolf pack he was an expert at baby-sitting, mediating, walking on eggshells, playing detective, disciplining, and enforcing the will of the Council. With the recent attack against his family and the building dread of his mate, this young wolf is waiting and ready for the next attack.


Full Name: Jinxseus Nymphaeaceae
Nickname: Jinx
Hair: long platinum blonde with a single braid tucked behind his right ear
Eye Color: amethyst
Partner: none
Kin: Gabriel and Jade

An exiled pixy tends to have many enemies but when your protector happens to be a wolf with a small army of wolves to call upon those enemies tend to disappear. Now living the life of luxury, Jinx is Gabriel’s blood bonded right-hand tiny man, helping out in any way he can. And as guardian to Jade this little pixy has his hands full.



Full Name: Jade Lykos
Nickname: none
Hair: brown with burgundy highlights
Eye Color: green/blue
Partner: none
Kin: Gabriel, Jinx, and her pack.

Lost in the shadows of her pack and her older alpha brother, Jade longed for a life all of her own. And it was out on her own when she met the one being who would forever change the course of her life.


Full Name: Syn Aguspeirhain
Nickname: none
Sentinel and Custodian of the Fey Realm, Earth Fey
Hair: none
Eye Color: amethyst
Partner: none
Kin: none

An Earth Fey who devoted his life to the freedom of a fallen goddess, Syn was once a proud warrior for his people until the curse of his race began to consume him, it was his love for the fallen goddess that rekindled a heart that should have stopped caring long ago.


Full Name: Daryl MacClisteire
Nickname: none
Alpha Gabriel’s second in command
Hair: dirty blonde, shaggy
Eye Color: cool blue
Partner: none
Kin: the pack

Playful, arrogant, and handsome; Daryl happens to be second in command to the Alpha Gabriel, leader of the California werewolf pack. Playboy and all around jokester, Daryl’s only devotion is to the pack, everything else is just a game!


Full Name: Joshua Maldarulfur
Nickname: Josh
Hair: bald
Eye Color: Amber/brown
Partner: none
Kin: the pack

A true lone wolf until coming across Gabriel and his pack, Josh isn’t great with others and his intimidating build tends to fend off any casual conversation starters. Which is the way Josh likes it. Having a sensitive side that few have ever seen Josh has very little friends few and far between. A bouncer for HOWL, Josh enjoys beating the occasional drunk and chasing around any skirt with a decent pair of legs.


Full Name: Amaigh Envieuxoul
Nickname: Mai
Hair: dark mahogany/straight/long
Eye Color: brown
Partner: none
Kin: the pack

Straight laced, follows every order given by her Alpha Gabriel, and tough as nails. Amaigh is a no nonsense kind of wolf who likes her little world orderly and her schedule unaltered. A wolf with a plan, Amaigh is not afraid to stand alone and fight for what she wants.


Full Name: Einar
Pronunciation: Ay-nar
Nickname: none
Hair: thick curly strawberry blonde
Eye Color: crystal green
Partner: none
Kin: none

“The one who fights alone” Einar is the last of his kind, a lone dragon who speaks very little and socializes even less. Entrusted his identity to Dagen, his only trusted friend, whom he lives with and works for.

Dato & Irakei

Full Name: Dato , Irakei
Pronunciation: Dah-to , Ee-Rah-Klee
Nickname: “the twins”
Hair: Long wavy ebony black
Eye Color: brown eyes rimmed with an amber hue
Partners: None
Kin: None

Tricksters to the end, these two snow leopard twins don’t know when enough is enough, disowned by their kin they belong nowhere. Finding themselves in a serious predicament has landed them under Dagen’s watchful eyes.


Full Name: Rowan Ruadian
Nickname: Cindy, Indy
Hair: blonde, wavy long
Eye Color:
Partner: deceased
Kin: Mother Una, Father Solis, brothers Connor, Colton, Jared

Ashamed of her past, embarrassed by who her family is, Cindy and her brothers had spent years hiding who they were and who their family had been. She had worked out a nice quiet, honest, regular life for a family of wolves laying low under the radar. And in one moment of panic… Her hard work, her sacrifices, everything comes down to the human who has bit by her brother and whether or not he would survive.


Full Name: Cabhan Ruadian
Pronunciation: Kav-An
Nickname: Colton, Colt
Hair: carrot red, shaggy medium length
Eye Color: jade with hints of green and blue
Partner: none
Kin: Mother Una, Father Solis, brothers Connor & Jared, Sister Cindy

Young and foolish; in one rash moment of panic and fear his world and the world of his family came crashing down around them when he bit a human who he thought was threatening his family. Now his kind was looking at the first changeling in hundreds of years and his fate would depend on whether the changeling could control the animal he would now become.


Full Name: Gallagher Ruadian
Nickname: Jared
Hair: chestnut brown with hints of red, straight long
Eye Color: jade with hints of green and blue
Partner: none
Kin: Mother Una, Father Solis, brothers Colton & Connor, Sister Cindy

On the run with his little brother, fear for his sister and brother Cabhan keep his movements going. With no plan, no destination in mind, and no real path ‘Jared’ set out to keep what was left of his family safe.


Full Name: Tim Wilkinson
Nickname: Timmy
Hair: Short buzz cut, Chestnut
Eye Color: chocolate brown
Partner: none
Kin: Survived by human mother, father, and brother.

Disciplined, well trained, and honorably discharged Tim was a man without a path. Wandering back to his grandfather’s cabin will prove to be the smartest or stupidest decision of his life.


Full Name: Maudie
Pronunciation: Mah-Dee
Nickname: Cookie
Hair: Brunette with hint of silver, short and curly
Eye Color: sapphire blue
Partner: none
Kin: deceased

Cook and house-keeper for Dagen, an orphan when Dagen found her as a young child on the streets, he brought her in and treated her like family. Sent her to the schools she chose and gifted her anything her heart could desire. Returning to Dagen’s household had been no hard task, in an effort to repay the being who had granted her so much she became house keeper and cook for Dagen. As she aged in her human years, Dagen sought to prolong her life without granting her the gift of immortality, by slowing her aging down. Happily, Maudie enjoys taking care of the home and being whom so graciously granted her life.


Full Name: Constance
Nickname: Doc, Connie
Hair: dirty blonde, wavy long
Eye Color: amber with hint of green
Partner: none
Kin: Disowned

A fey with the penchant for healing, Constance had a thirst for knowledge, when her family realized she had been dabbling in the human world by attending universities and studying medicine and the human condition, as well as congregating with the different were species… she was harshly disowned by her family and her people. All she had hoped to accomplish was to make the world better for the beings like her. Dagen agreed to let her study the weres and different beings he occasionally helped as long as she kept her work in his facilities, which was perfectly fine with her…. Until a changeling was dropped square in her exam room.


Full Name: Aaron
Nickname: none
Hair: auburn with hints of blonde, short straight
Eye Color: auburn
Partner: none
Kin: none

What does the muse of serenity do in his spare time? Rent out his services of course. Alone in the world, Aaron the muse of serenity, had always had his hand in the council’s affairs, and why shouldn’t he? The goddess Brigantia was always generous when paying his fees. With enough freedom to wander the Earth as he saw fit, Aaron was truly on top of the world, until Dagen came knocking his on door.


Full Name: Dagen Mac Cumhachta
Nickname: none
Hair: Chestnut brown with natural black highlights
Eye Color: One eye cobalt blue, left eye opaque white still retains full vision
Partner: none

The son of two powerful beings, Dagen is blessed and cursed, offspring of two powerful deities older than time itself. Dagen seeks for peace and solace but finds himself in more trouble than one divine child should be in. An ally of Brigantia he is constantly put to work for the goddess’ cause, with a target of his own on his back he must watch every step he makes. His household grows larger by the day with beings he is charged with judging for the council, with the help of his friends, he has managed to keep in the shadows while fighting for the destiny of mankind.


Full Name: Grigor LevCholovik
Nickname: none
Hair: jet black, short
Eye Color: dark brown
Partner: Rajeena LevCholovik
Kin: Rajeena and step son Aleksey

Revenge is the only need that burns through Grigor’s veins. Betrayed by the one who was supposed to love him and cherish him above all others. Once his training is complete his hunt will truly begin.


Full Name: Halima High Queen of The Vampire Clans
Nickname: Hally
High Queen of The Vampire Clans
Hair: jet black, long
Eye Color: amber
Partner: none

Half goddess, half vampire; Halima is the reigning queen and head matri of the vampire clans. Secretive and powerful, this Egyptian beauty knows no equal when it comes to the skillful art of guile, manipulation, and schemes.


Full Name: Elianya of the Fey
Nickname: Anya
Ruler of the Fey
Hair: golden blonde, curly
Eye Color: amethyst opaque
Partner: deceased
Kin: Son Dresden

A true ruler of the fey must have control over the elements of earth, air, fire and water but must also be able to master and control the element of spirit; Elianya is the true ruler of the fey. Her rule began at a very young age, hot tempered and stubborn she has had to pay for the mistakes of her youth, rising above her shame she seeks to right the wrongs she and her people have committed against the goddess Brigantia.


Full Name: Dresden Prince of the Fey
Nickname: none
Prince of the Fey
Hair: mahogany brown, long
Eye Color: clear green
Partner: none
Kin: Mother Elianya

Destined to rule Dresden has the weight of his people resting on his shoulders. Training underneath his mother’s watchful eyes Dresden has begun the process of grooming himself as a future ruler of the fey. With the object of his desire mated to another male and the jealousy that tempers the fey blood running hot through his veins can Dresden win his internal struggle to not seek out and seduce the object of his desire away from her so called mate…



Full Name: Iraynia, high priestess
Nickname: Ray
Hair: ebony black, long wavy
Eye Color: dark chocolate brown
Partner: none
Kin: Her Coven

A powerful being in her own right, Iraynia high priestess, cowers to no deity. Dabbling in the light and dark of her craft, Iraynia is a true mistress of the Earth. Serving her own whims, her coven follows dutifully in her wake, one female you’d rather not upset.


Full Name: Ruadan, first born of the half Fomorii god Bres & Goddess Brigantia
Nickname: none
Hair: Chestnut with hint of red, curly short
Eye Color: Amber
Partner: none
Kin: Mother Brigantia, Father Bres, Brothers Odran & Quaid, Sister Kia

Presumed dead, killed by the smith god Goibhniu of the Tuatha de Danann, Bres trained his son well in the art of espionage, deceit, and strategy. Following the imprisonment of his father Ruadan’s one true goal was to incite the fall of is mother bringing forth the return of his father Bres to his rightful throne of power.


Full Name: Derant of Azmodeous’ realm
Nickname: none
Second in Command of Azmodeous’ legions
Hair: bald
Eye Color: black
Partner: none
Kin: Spawn of two Callicantzaros demons, half-brother Merikh

A high ranking demon in Azmodeous’ army, Derant plans on becoming his own over-lord and with the help of one little immortal he may just succeed. Humans and demonkyn alike would not be safe from this wicked demons wrath. For now, Derant bides his time waiting for the right moment to strike at his enemy.


Full Name: Lord Azmodeus Over-lord of the under-realms
Nickname: none
Supreme over-lord of the under-realms
Hair: jet black, shaggy
Eye Color: crimson
Partner: none
Kin: none

Cunning, conniving, and cruel. Azmodeus is the true leader of the demonkyn under-realms and as such leader and ruler of the demonkyn. With the power to unite the demonkyn masses Azmodeus’ only true goal is the enslavement of the human race and the downfall of Brigantia and her enforcers.


Full Name: Cessair
Nickname: none
Consort to Azmodeus
Hair: platinum blonde, straight and long
Eye Color: indigo
Partner: deceased
Kin: deceased

Cursed for eternity and consort to a demon lord, Cessair yearns for her freedom and escape from the endless torment that has become her existence. Taking her fate in to her own hands, Cessair has seen a slim chance for success in her visions, if she can convince the one demon capable of defeating Azmodeus to join her…


Full Name: Merikh of Azmodeus’ realm
Nickname: none
Hair: jet black, long straight
Eye Color: crimson
Partner: none
Kin: Born of a Strega demon and calicantzaros demon, half brother Merikh

Demonkyn general and half-blooded demon Merikh is like most of his kind and seeks only power and pain. Spit upon for the half-bred blood that runs through his veins, Merikh is no stranger to fighting for what he desires, and his next desire… To see all of mankind fall before him.

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