Welcome to The Guardians of Worlds Series

Do you love sarcastically gentlemen-like heroes, kick-butt heroines who put them in their place and aren't afraid to rescue themselves, mythological beings with a wicked sense of humor, and a unique twist on myths and creatures you thought you knew? Then this series is for you!

The Lost Power

When Jade goes missing, her brother and best friend know her life may be in danger. For behind the veils of reality the human world knows, there lays a Ruling Council, whose sole purpose is to protect the human race from beings that would destroy or enslave them. Kia and Gabriel must learn to trust each other, despite their pasts. Gabriel was an alpha-wolf. Deadly. Lethal. But unsure of himself. He was the leader of the werewolf pack residing in California. His sister’s best friend, Kia, had escaped from the clutches of enslavement at the hands of vicious monsters, and in her mind, Gabriel was one and the same as her captors. But Kia knows that Jade’s life is more important than old scars and grudges, and she must overcome her suspicions and work with Gabriel to save the life of her best friend. But she learns that the road to trust is hard when those she must forgive are nothing more than savage beasts. Is Gabriel even worthy of cooperation when all he wants is revenge and retribution for his sister? While old enemies rear their heads again, new enemies lurk in the shadows, and Jade’s life hangs in the balance.

Coming Home

To be announced