You’re probably wondering how to stop checking Adsense. It’s become your addition and you want to stop.

A prime example with someone who is infected with AES (Adsense Earnings Syndrome) would be an individual that wakes up and checks their Adsense earnings every morning, one hour later logs on and checks their Adsense earnings again, checks their reports again after lunch – then finally checks their Adsense earnings a multiple of times throughout the rest of the day before heading to bed.

Ever witnessed someone with this awful disease? Is it possible you have already been infected?

When I first started using Adsense ads across my websites I was amazed that I could actually cover the costs of my hosting fees and management costs by the use of the system. The downfall was that I began to get caught up in the trap of constantly checking my Adsense reports throughout the day.

And why, might you ask, do some get so addicted to checking Adsense earnings? I believe its due to the fact that the money being produced has a magical appeal to it – even when the earnings don’t total more then enough to even pay for a drink at the nearest gas station.

The ability to be paid for your knowledge and articles is an amazing, awe inspiring feat; yet it shouldn’t be something that takes away from your ability to create more content.

Why Shouldn’t Adsense Be Checked Multiple Times Daily?

In my opinion – there are two prime reasons why Adsense earnings shouldn’t be checked obsessively throughout the day.

  1. No matter how many times you log into your Adsense account, it will not increase your profits. So why check your stats so many time daily? Yes, I believe tabs should be kept on your account and that once daily checks are appropriate (maybe even less in some cases), but I just believe that some people waste a great amount of their precious time by checking their stats “just because.” Which leads us onto our next topic…
  2. Life is all about time management. We begin to understand and comprehend this complex subject beginning in grade school, but its the implementation of these techniques that can become tricky for some. Personally, I believe that the wasted time checking Adsense earnings could be used to maximize your web site’s true potential through the development of more content.

Just think – if you were to add up all of the times you have logged into your Adsense account, and used that time to write valuable content and articles – imagine how much more valuable your website would become in just one years time. Let me illustrate this hypothesis in greater detail…

Here Comes the Math (plus some fuzzy estimates on my part)

The time it takes for me to open up a web browser, reach the Google Adsense home page, and log into my account – is roughly 30 seconds. Now this doesn’t include the time most people would take to look at Page Impressions, Clicks, Channels, Click Through Rate, eCPM, and then total earnings – this is purely “log in” time. This is why I have decided to round up the total amount of time each view would take to a whopping 1 minute. So there’s our starting point.

Now let’s say that on a worst case scenario, somebody logs in a total of ten times daily to check total earnings. That adds up to 10 minutes daily. Now this may seem like a small number, but it can truly add up. Just multiply that number by 365 (days in a year), and you get 3,650 minutes. Wow – that’s a lot of extra time – just by checking Adsense a bit too many times…

Put That Extra Time To Good Use

Say it takes an average of one solid hour to produce a well written, five-hundred word article for your website. If you divide 3,650 by 60 the total comes to a little over 60. Just think – 60 more articles could be produced yearly just by cutting down on Adsense “dwelling” time. Remember that I only factored in one minute per visit – I know plenty of publishers that spend much longer peeking at their reports – all the while accomplishing little or nothing.

Once again – 60 more articles could be produced just by tightening up on time management. In return, this could greatly benefit the income you generate yearly – 60 more articles added to your site could turn into a real benefit.

How to Stop Checking Adsense – A Conclusion

Though my math may be a little screwy – hopefully I have opened your eyes to the problems many face just by dwelling on something that cannot be changed. If Adsense earnings were truly something you wanted to change – you would get started writing those 60 brand new articles for your site!