Jay Leno, Oprah, Conan, Jimmy Fallon. They all have one thing in common: they host talk shows on television. One of the most important aspects of their shows is incorporating live guests. They interview the person, allow them to contribute to the program’s validity – and help to add a wealth of information to the talk show as a whole.

Bloggers do the same. We have our blog (aka the talk show), and we’re constantly producing content. From time to time we also conduct a talk show “interview” by incorporating guest posts in our content. Not only does a guest post increase blog content, but it also allows others to get interested in your blog through the writing and validity of the contributing authors.

Much like the best talk shows work to attract the biggest stars – bloggers must work to attract authors for their blogs.

Attracting Blog Celebrities…

1. Create an Information Page – On your blog, be sure to display a prominent page with information pertaining to guest posting. Include post requirements, what you expect, how they should write, what you’ll give in return in way of links and biographies, and any other information you deem important. This info/faq page will also cut down on the amount of information requests you receive on a daily basis – from interested guest posters.

2. Email Your Readers – It’s always been important to include the biggest fans of my blogs in the content. Take the time to email your top contributors and/or readers, and ask if they’d be interested in providing a guest post for your blog. Many will find this a great opportunity, as it’s always fun to see your work get shown on your favorite blog. In your request be sure to include a link to your guest post information page, and include how the guest post will benefit them.

3. Reward Your Guest – In exchange of guest posting, writers are rewarded with links and advertising for their own sites/products – as well as background information about the author. Take the time to include these benefits on your information page, as it’s important to share what you’re willing to give back. The more value your guest post includes – the more it will attract guest posters.

The Success of Your Blog “Show”

As mentioned previously – it’s important for bloggers to take the time to begin attracting guest authors. Not only will it increase content production, but it also allows for readers to experience other personalities and information on your blog.

In my experience with managing online communities – after I’ve taken the initial steps to attract guest authors, no further work is usually needed. After you spend some time creating your guest post “marketing plan,” you’ll be surprised at how many guest posts and content will start flowing into your Inbox from enthusiastic writers.

Talk show hosts such as Jay Leno & Oprah have crafted empires – and much of it comes from the interaction with their celebrity guests. Take the time to treat your blog guests like the blogging superstars they are, and you’ll be rewarded with excellent contributed content.

What ways do you attract guest posts?